Online Gardening Solutions is a marketing & communication agency based in Iași, Romania, specialized in marketing & communication strategies for bold gardening, floristry & landscaping projects. Flexibility and competence are the main qualities that stand out for us, stimulating us to engage in different levels of difficulty projects. We are not afraid of getting out of our confort zone. Our team is constantly willing to enrich its abilities in order to bring added value to our clients projects.


Our philosophy is simple:

  • We seed

The briefs we get from our clients, to whom we prepare the perfect environment for a healthy development

  • We plant

Efficient strategies, watered with creative solutions

  • We grow

Original projects, correct, success oriented.


we create digital marketing solutions for your gardening, agricultural & horticultural business.
our skills, beside gardening, are graphic solutions and creative ways of implementations


when you seed an idea, and the idea comes from a really good grower, is like you immediately see the crop of your particular culture, and you immediately feel the taste of the fruits you’ve grown. since the taste is so relative and the fruits are so distinct in relation to all the 7 senses, one can say that we plant • perspectives.


our love for succulents has a lot to do with the way we construct the • solutions. at first, we seed• the ideas, after we process the seeds we received from the grow house and the gardeners in need and give them the best care a beautiful green seedling with high hopes and dreams. then we plant• the seedling into nice, adaptable package pots and grab the watering can. now, we grow• with care and attention.
and this is how we plant marketing•